EXTREme Exchange

Extreme Exchange Overview

Channel your inner NFL General Manager as you create and develop your dream fantasy team portfolio, buying and selling based on real on-field performances. Experience the excitement of fantasy football trading with Extreme Exchange!

  • NFL General Manager Experience: Trade players and teams similar to the Stock Market, adding a new dimension of strategy and excitement.
  • Low Entry Cost: Join for just $50.
  • Realistic Market Values: Players and teams are assigned market values based on their performance.
  • Unlimited Transactions: Enjoy unlimited transactions throughout each week.
  • Flexible Ownership: Own any player or team multiple times during the season.
  • No Time Commitment: Manage your teams in as little as 5 minutes per week, making it suitable for all levels of enthusiasts.
  • Dynamic Player Values: Player values fluctuate based on real on-field performances.
  • Grand Prize: Compete for the grand prize, awarded to the top teams based on end-of-season eDollars portfolio values.

Extreme Exchange OFFICIAL RULES

Pre-Season: before September 5th 

At the beginning of the season, you’ll be allocated $1,000 of eDollars. Similar to an NFL General Manager, you’ll use these eDollars to create and manage your dream fantasy team portfolio. This unique format distinguishes ExtremeExchange from other leagues, offering an innovative and thrilling fantasy football experience.

Using your $1,000 eDollars, you have the freedom to select any number of teams and players in each position. There are no requirements for any particular number of players/teams. You can even have a team of all Quarterbacks if you’d like. All NFL players and teams are eligible for purchase, except for Offensive Linemen, individual Defensive players, and Kickers.

The Starting Market Values for all eligible players and teams assigned are based on their 2023 regular season statistics.

  • Average player/team value is approximately $100.
  • Lowest starting value for a player/team is $20.
  • Highest starting market value for players/teams is Christian McCaffrey: $207.90.
  • Incoming rookies’ starting market value is based on their draft round
    • 1st Round Pick: $125
    • 2nd – 3rd Round Pick: $100
    • 4th – 7th Round Pick: $75

If you purchase Christian McCaffrey, you’ll have the best player/team in the League, but he also requires you to spend over 20% of your eDollars Portfolio. Leaving less room for other players/teams. This adds to the strategic play of ExtremeExchange. 

You cannot have more than one of any player/team simultaneously, but you can own the same player/team multiple times during the season. For example, you cannot have Christian McCaffrey twice on your roster at the same time, but you can sell him and later decide to buy him back. 

Regular Season: Weeks 1-18

Throughout the season, you will manage your Portfolio Value by buying and selling players and teams at your discretion. Prices fluctuate during the season, based on their real on-field performances. With the lowest price for any player/team set at $10 and the average value of players/teams at approximately $100.

Enjoy the freedom of unlimited transactions every week, allowing you to fine-tune your roster for optimal performance. However, once their game begins, selections are locked in until after the game. 

Your portfolio’s value is crucial, combining cash on hand with the total market value of all players/teams you currently possess. Compete for the grand prize, awarded to the top teams end-of-season eDollars portfolio values. The regular season concludes at the end of week 18, with no playoffs, keeping the excitement alive until the very end!



  • Total net yards 
  • Total touchdowns 
  • Total turnovers 


Running Backs:

  • Total yards gained
  • Total touchdowns 
  • Total turnovers


Wide Receivers:

  • Total yards gained
  • Total touchdowns 
  • Total turnovers 


Tight Ends:

  • Total yards gained
  • Total touchdown 
  • Total turnovers 

Defensive Teams:

  • League scoring average, minus points against
  • Sum of turnovers plus sacks
  • 10 points per win
  • -10 points per loss

Offensive Teams:

  • Points for, minus league scoring average 
  • Total net yards gained
  • 10 points per win
  • -10 points per loss

The new player value is based on the previous week’s value plus 25% of the current week’s production to determine the upcoming week’s player value.

If a player/team was not used in any week, their value does not change.

Keep in mind, Offensive Linemen, individual Defensive players, and Kickers are not eligible for purchase.