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EFFL Sponsored Leagues

Experience EFFL at an affordable cost with our Sponsored Leagues, made possible by our generous sponsors!

  • Affordability: Sponsored Leagues are the cheapest option for those who want to try EFFL, with an entry fee of just $25 per team.
  • Limited Teams: Each of our 5 Sponsored Leagues only have 32 available teams per League.
  • Unlimited Teams: Each owner may create as many teams as they would like. With a limit of up to 32 teams per League: $25 per team. 
  • Big Payout: The Sponsor fee for Sponsored Leagues is $250, making this league option more lucrative with a bigger payout than Private Leagues.
  • Standard EFFL Rules: Sponsored Leagues follow the same rules and scoring system as other EFFL Leagues.


Regular Season: Weeks 1-18

Our 18 week regular season is broken into two 9-week halves. For each 9-week half, you may select ANY player or team once. For instance, you could choose Patrick Mahomes as your quarterback in Week 1, but you wouldn’t be able to select him again until Week 10, when the second 9-week half begins. Selections must be made before the start of the player’s or team’s game, and once the game begins, selections are locked in until the following week.

This unique format sets Extreme Fantasy Football League apart from other leagues: you don’t have to worry about player or team availability. Instead, you have all NFL players to choose from, with the exception of Offensive Linemen and individual Defensive players. Whether you spend 5 minutes or 5 hours weekly, it’s up to you. Conduct as much research as you’d like to craft your dream fantasy football season.

EFFL offers another advantage: you no longer need to be concerned about injuries ruining your season. With a weekly lineup submission, if one of your selected players gets injured, such as Aaron Rodgers in Week 1, you can simply avoid selecting them in future weeks and choose another preferred player. This eliminates the need to scramble for trades or scour the waiver wire.

Each week you will select:

Weekly Lineup:

  • 1 Quarterback
  • 2 Running Backs
  • 2 Wide Receivers
  • 1 Tight End
  • 1 Kicker
  • 1 Offensive Team
  • 1 Defensive Team

In EFFL, you don’t compete in Head-to-Head matchups; instead, you face every team in the league each week. Points are awarded to each player/team in your lineup based on Official EFFL scoring. These points are tallied, and teams are ranked weekly by the number of TOTAL WINS against all other teams in the league. 

Playoffs: Weeks 19-20

The top 2 teams of each 9-week half will advance to the League Playoffs bracket. The seeding for the playoff teams will be based on the sum of total regular season WINS between all playoff teams. A team does NOT have to play in both 9-week halves to advance to the Playoffs. Bonus: If a team is in the top 2 for both 9-week halves, they will receive their League Entry Fee back as a bonus. 

This is also unique to EFFL: you may join the league in Week 10 & still have a chance to become the League Champion. 

During Weeks 19 and 20, teams will compete head-to-head. The team with the most WINS in Week 19 & Week 20 is the League Champion. 

  • Tiebreaker #1: Total Playoff Points
  • Tiebreaker #2: Highest Seeding Team in regular season (total wins)



  • Total Yards Gained: 1 Point/10 Yards
  • Touchdown: 6 Points 
  • Two-Point Conversion: 2 Points 
  • Turnover: -3 Points


  • Total Yards Gained: 1 Point/3 Yards
  • Touchdown: 6 points 
  • Two-Point Conversion: 2 Points 
  • Turnover: -3 Points
  • NOTE:
    • WR1 scores 15% higher than they would if selected as WR2
    • RB1 scores 15% higher than they would if selected as RB2


    • 50 Yards or more: 6 Points
    • 40-49 Yards: 5 Points
    • 30-39 Yards: 4 Points
    • 30 Yards or less: 3 Points 
  • Extra Points Made: 1 Point
  • Any Missed Kick: -1 Point


    • Over 21: 2 Points per Points For > 21
    • 21: 0 Points
    • Under 21: -2 Points per Points For < 21
    • Over 340: 1 Point per 10 Yards > 340
    • 340: 0 Points
    • Under 340: -1 Point per 10 Yards < 340
  • Special Teams Touchdown: 6 Points
    • Win: 5 Points
    • Loss: -5 Points


    • Over 21: -2 Points per Points Against > 21
    • 21: 0 Points
    • Under 21: 2 Points per Points Against < 21
  • Sack: 1 Point
  • Turnover: 1 Point
  • Defensive Touchdown: 6 Points
    • Win: 5 Points
    • Loss: -5 Points